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Product updates, thoughts and ideas

Telemetry Extractor, version 2!

The reference software for extracting telemetry data from videos has been rebuilt from the ground up, with an impressive set of new features

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.7

New supported formats (DJI, Insta360, Vakaros, Dynojet...), features for cycling, running, aviation... better maps, and many more upgrades

GoPro HERO 12 GPS option missing

HERO12 Black videos can still have GPS data!

First DJI Action camera with embedded GPS data

Visualize and extract DJI Osmo Action GPS Bluetooth Remote Controller's GPS data with Telemetry Overlay

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.6

Really lots of new gauges and creative advanced features

Telemetry Templates for Adobe AE updated to 1.1

Better support for GPS data in new cameras

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 1.2.4

Fine tuning and bug fixes

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.5.3

Full 360 videos, faster previews and a lot more!

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 1.2.1

Improvements for the new HERO11 and future cameras

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.4.8

A smaller update with some interesting feateures for professionals and hobbyists

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.4.5

New presets, a handful of gauges, video-less mode, new supported formats and more!

Improved GPS tracking with the new GoPro HERO11

A seemingly minor change in the GPS module and its frequency might solve some of the accuracy problems

GPS frequency drop on the HERO10

GoPro decided to lower the number of GPS samples on the HERO10. Here's a fix.

Who uses Telemetry Overlay?

Large companies, small ones and great power users from all over the world

Virb Edit API maps JavaScript error solution and alternative

Garmin's Virb Edit software was discontinued years ago. It is slowly becoming obsolete and some key features have already stopped working

Coupon codes

Find discounts for Telemetry Overlay, Telemetry Extractor, the After Effects templates and GPS Quick Fix

HERO10 Black Bones with telemetry?

The new GoPro lacks a GPS antenna, so how can we display gauges?

4 use cases of data-enabled videos

Ways both professional and hobbyist drone pilots can take advantage of Telemetry Overlay

Driving at 417 km/h, Skiing at 121 km/h...

And other things you shouldn't try at home

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.3.4

A focus on productivity features like the Render Queue and the Batch Loader

Thank you, users

The new Telemetry Overlay demo video includes footage from many real users

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 1.1.0

More custom settings and a beta Linux version

Telemetry Overlay tutorials

How-tos for popular activities and solutions to common questions


GPS-oriented analysis of the GoPro HERO10 versus competitors

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.2.5

New presets and gauges for the most popular activities

All accelerometers are "broken"

Thougths on the different ways acceleration can be measured and interpreted

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.1.6

Faster renders, a zoomable map and more

Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.0.13

Improvements for motorsports, cycling, drones and more!

Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.9.18

Mostly bug fixes but also new supported devices

GoPro GPS fails on Earth but works on Mars?

Watch the Mars landing of the Perseverance rover alsongside telemetry data

Tips for a better GPS signal

Tutorials for improving your results when recording GPS data with GoPro

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 1.0.7

Enables more custom settings

Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.9.7

Lots of new gauges, supported formats and features

Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.8.4

New formats and activity-focused gauges

Telemetry workflow for Insta360 and other 360º cameras

A new tutorial for VR and reframed videos in Telemetry Overlay

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 1.0.3

Cleaner GPS data and better GPS exports

Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.7.2

Camera gauges, vs time graphs, cleaner GPS data...

Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.6.0

A batch of new advanced features for power users

Telemetry Overlay. New user-friendly tool!

The user friendly all-in-one tool for overlaying metadata on videos has arrived

GoPro HERO9 for GPS data. Is it good?

The first GPS-oriented review of the GoPro HERO9. Not what we expected

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 0.2.24

Improve performance and options

Unexpected telemetry uses

Some news from the telemetry world

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 0.1.39

Add customization options and fixes

After Effects Telemetry for any camera

Record video with any camera and data with any GPX-capable tracker

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 0.1.23

Improved interface and options

New GoPro features. Mavic Air 2. Where's Quik?

New gadgets hit the market and more telemetry news

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 0.1.17

Improve support for third party software and more

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 0.1.16

Compatibility with After Effects templates and new cameras

Telemetry Extractor Premium updated to 0.1.13

Timing and usability improvements

GPS Quick Fix for GoPro updated to 0.2.3

Fixes the GPS data of even more files!

3D GPS maps in Google Earth

Create drone-like animations of your activities

GPS Quick Fix for GoPro updated to 0.2.2

An important compatibility fix

GPS Quick Fix for GoPro updated to 0.1.2

Improvements for those who stick with GoPro Quik

Telemetry Template for DJI (Adobe AE) updated to 1.2

New features for After Effects users with DJI drones

Telemetry Template for GoPro (Adobe AE) updated to 0.1.6

New features for After Effects users

GPS Quick Fix for GoPro

GoPro Quik for Windows and Mac does not support the GPS data from new cameras, but here's a solution

GoPro GPS not working? - Performance stickers and telemetry FAQ

Guide for troubleshooting GPS-related problems of GoPro cameras

GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)

A first glance at some of the options for working with the GoPro Metadata Format (GPMF)

Custom gauges for After Effects

GoPro telemetry gets Adobe After Effects support

Telemetry Extractor Premium for GoPro

Desktop software for poweful data extraction from GoPro cameras

New drag-and-drop tool for extracting GPS data and more

Launching the first version of Telemetry Extractor

Finally an easy way to view (SRT) flight data

The tools for parsing and visualising subtitle flight logs for DJI are born

Extracting the metadata in a useful format

Initial research project that led to understanding the GPMF format GoPro uses for recording the GPS and sensor data