Unexpected telemetry uses

We are surrounded by devices that collect information. Without interpretation, those data are not much different from chaos. It's the stories we tell with them or the metaphores we design that give them meaning and create leverage.

Tom Scott converts distance to money

Had you not heard about Tom Scott until now? His channel is a must if you are into science, coding, tech or interesting trivia. Many of his videos merge form and content in a unique meaningful way, and this one is no exception. He uses GPS data to measure distance and then maps it to the size of one dollar notes. This simple one-dimensional approach gives us a new perspective into the immense difference between a million and a billion.

Fighter jet forces

Dude Perfect, the guys behind some of the craziest trickshots on YouTube, went on an aircraft carrier adventure and a fighter jet experience. Thanks to the telemetry enabled GoPro they used, we have an insight on the speed and forces they were put through, but their custom telemetry overlay goes a funny step further! Fun fact: the GoPro accelerometer maxes out at 8 g. They got really close to that. Would you dare?

One year of improvements

One year ago development started on the Premium version of the Telemetry Extractor. The app keeps evolving thanks to the feedback from hundreds of corporate and individual users, so now it is stronger than ever. Some of the recent additions are customizable units for the quick graphs, the ability to remove empty time between clips, better macOS integration, better performance, better After Effects integration... Interested?