Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.6


  • New gauges for cycling/running/fitness: Heart Rate Zones, Power Zones, Heart Rate Zone (mini), Power Zone (mini)
  • New gauges for motorsports: Sector times, Corner Speeds
  • Animate image files: Image Compass, Rotating Image, Scaling Image, Progress Image, Image Slope, Image Bearing, Image Distance, Image G-Force, Image Lean Angle (2 wheel)
  • New Custom gauges: Custom GPS Path Color, Custom vs Distance
  • Improve Export performance in some cases. Especially large images (maps, satellite, etc.) and 360 videos
  • Blast rendering: Experimental render process. Could be faster. Could be buggy. Feedback is welcome!
  • Improve preset Patterns for vertical and square videos
  • Add soundtrack (music, voice...) to exports from the Export Queue (experimental)
  • Small transparent exports to WEBP and WEBM formats
  • Support new trackers: Torque App CSV (OBDii, experimental), MoTec CSV, SM-Modellbau CSV
  • Improve support for Insta360, Sailmon Max, AiM, Garmin flight logs (including G3000), OBDLink/OBDFusion, DJI video subtitles (including DJI FPV & RTK models), Garmin FIT,, Dynon, Alfano, Racebox, Tesla Track Mode, Starlane, TCX, I2M, RaceCapture, INNOV, Sony...
  • Mac: Remove the need for Rosetta on Apple Silicon
  • Countdown option for Time & Date gauge (time before Trim point In)
  • Add offset and invert controls to more Custom gauges
  • Enable offset in more altitude modes
  • Add threshold to Custom On Off gauge
  • Finer control of auto-orient in Dynamic Map gauge
  • Small improvements to NVIDIA optimization and exports
  • Make the Export Queue sortable and allow to change its item labels
  • Mac: Add HEVC VideoToolbox encoder to Transparent exports (very limited compatibility)
  • Add yards units
  • Show expected exported file size for encoders with bitrate control
  • Other fixes and performance improvements
  • Windows 7 and 8 support dropped. Get in touch if this is a problem for you


This tutorial covers some of the new features and many more.