Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.4.5


  • Add new preset Patterns: Text Only, Digital, Plane HUD, Fullscreen Map, Bottom Row,, and a redesigned Skiing preset
  • Add gauges: Zero to Speed (0-60 mph, 0-100 km/h, etc.), Distance Timer (each km, quarter-mile, etc.), Custom Stats (current max, min, avg...) Custom Tape, Distance Tape, Bearing Tape, Digital Distance, Digital Bearing
  • Support for RaceBox devices (CSV), Garmin G500 TXi & G600 (CSV), OBDLink / OBD Fusion (CSV, experimental),  Dynon Avionics (CSV, experimental), TCX (experimental), TrackAddict (CSV, experimental), Sony ZV1
  • Add Video-Less mode to create data-only projects with no base video (enable in Settings)
  • Add "Magnify" control to map gauges to make text bigger (may pixelate)
  • Add transparent and color background options to map gauges
  • Add option to auto sync external data to video creation time if no other valid time source is found
  • Add advanced option to disable interpolation between data samples, for most gauges (enable in Settings)
  • Add advanced option to fine-tune synchronization for a single gauge (enable in Settings)
  • Improve support for: AiM/MyChron, Starlane, DJI Matrice 300 and more
  • Improve Turn Coordinator gauge and enable it for more data sources
  • Add Constrain option to some Custom gauges to keep value within set limits
  • Support new units for Custom CSV imports
  • Add MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) units
  • Add more power units 
  • Officially publish Linux version
  • Bug fixes and other small improvements
  • And a hidden feature ;-)