GPS frequency drop on the HERO10

Unfortunately, GoPro decided to lower the frequency of the GPS data in the latest HERO10 firmware update (1.46), from 18Hz to 10Hz. David Newmann from GoPro confirmed this is intentional.

**Update** The frequency change might actually be a good thing. See this review.

We can discuss the decision later but, for now, if you want to bring back 18Hz GPS data, you can roll back to the previous firmware version (1.42), which can be found in its official link here.

For instructions on how to install this, see the manual update page (but don't download the firmware version on that page).

And then when using the camera with the mobile app, cancel any attempts to install the newest firmware.

If this was done to handle power consumption, I think users that care about GPS data are generally happy to do that in other ways: disable other features, carry extra batteries, plug a power bank... Users that don't care about the GPS can disable it completely, and in fact, the recently added "Video Performance modes", include a Battery Saving mode where disabling the GPS and other non-essential (for most users) features does make sense.

If the decision is final, and especially if it affects upcoming camera models, I hope at least the experimental Labs firmware gets a toggle for full GPS data.

**Update** a GoPro Labs toggle might indeed be in the works!

See an analysis of the GPS data recorded by the GoPro HERO10 (before the frequency drop) in this video: