Who uses Telemetry Overlay?

You might have noticed that the Telemetry Overlay and Telemetry Extractor site does not have the usual list of popular brands that use the products. Why?

First, because real clients —as opposed to sponsored ones— have the right to stay private. Otherwise, the list of places where Telemetry Overlay, Extractor, and related tools are being used would look like this:

Two electric car manufacturers, the space agency of a NATO country, a massively popular motorsports championship, a major airplane manufacturer, two of the top tire companies, another major airplane manufacturer, dozens of universities and technical institutes, a guy with a jetpack, the team of an action camera brand, an energy drink, one of the largest industry & infrastructure conglomerates, the skiing team of a mountainous nation, YouTube channels with millions of subscribers, a well-known Japanese motorbike brand, two iconic companies building agriculture machinery, a huge Japanese car company, the police/fire/defense/agriculture departments of multiple countries and states, dozens of car accident analysis companies, a northern semi-trailer truck brand, and someone from the competition.

Second, because some of the best content created with Telemetry Overlay and Telemetry Extractor does not come from corporations, but from hobbyists and casual users that publish their videos on YouTube. Here are a few examples.

Motorsports. The Tesla Model 3 Performance has a Track Mode setting that allows drivers to customize their handling, but also to record video and a significant amount of metadata. By the.adonnan.

Cycling. Geno Villafano reviews his impressive climb in one minute. Can you believe that heart rate? Longer format videos arrived in TikTok and, with them, telemetry data!

Aviation. With small GoPro cameras, a new video genre was born: bird cams. But had you ever seen an eagle with avionics? By AirFilm_it.

Drones. Do you know how to perform flips and rolls with an FPV drone? Learn from RH009 by looking at their thumbsticks gauge.

Sailing/skiing. Did you even know snowtiking was a sport? It definitely looks fun, but we'll have to test it to make sure. Nice work with the Custom Digital gauge! By PK - Snowkiting.

How cool is that?! If you want to join them, get Telemetry Overlay or explore more tools here.