Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.3.4


  • Export Queue
  • Batch Loader (within Export Queue)
  • Join Exports as a single video for super simple edits (within Export Queue)
  • Experimental support for IGC files, Tesla Track Mode (CSV), GRT Avionics EFIS (CSV), Aprilia TXT (Piaggio Multimedia Platform + V4-MP app), Sailmon (CSV), OpenTX (CSV), Harry's LapTimer (CSV), Unipro (TSV), aRacer Speedtek (LOGA), Expedition sailing (CSV), I2M (CSV), FlySight (CSV), QStarz (CSV)
  • New Custom On Off gauge for data that can only be true or false
  • Improve parsing of GoPro orientation (Pitch and Roll) on some cameras
  • Replace "Sensitivity" controls of Slope and Bearing gauges with "Measure" (distance between samples) for more stable results
  • Option to save default export settings
  • Brake Pressure gauge for Tesla, AiM & harry's LapTimer
  • Improve support for DJI Mavic 3 and Mavic SE
  • Allow non-square Dynamic Map so full screen maps are possible
  • Fix support for legacy Windows 7
  • Fix importing some GPX files, including Zepp App ones
  • Fix importing Parrot Disco videos and some other video formats
  • Add some volume and flow units (mostly for CSV sources)
  • Make H265 exports playable in QuickTime for Mac
  • Add new tutorials
  • Crush bugs and other small improvements