First DJI Action camera with embedded GPS data

DJI joins the GPS telemetry party with the DJI Osmo Action 4.

Like Insta360 (and unlike GoPro) it requires an external remote to send the GPS data to the camera.

Telemetry Overlay already supports their data format experimentally. You need version 1.6.5 or newer. Support will improve over time. With Telemetry Overlay you can create customizable visual metrics from GPS and sensor data and even extract GPX files alongside your video.

Things we know so far:

  • GPS positions are recorded about 10 times per second
  • Orientation, accelerometer and camera settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, etc.) are also recorded


Other DJI Action or DJI Osmo cameras that do not record GPS data internally can also be used by recording GPS data externally with a phone, smartwatch, or activity tracker.

Feel free to share your original video samples if you run into any issues.