Telemetry Overlay for aviation

Add flight log data and instruments to aviation videos

Easy software for custom video dashboards

Telemetry Overlay

Finally! An easy all-in-one way to create a heads-up display for your action videos and drone footage. Compatible with multiple camera brands and data formats, including GoPro, DJI (drones and Action 4), Insta360, Garmin, GPX and many more. Merge consecutive videos with GPS data, sync telemetry from multiple sources, customize your gauges and much more.

GPS and metrics for GoPro, DJI, Insta360, Garmin, GPX...

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Video dashboard from camera data and flight logs

GPS-enabled cameras are enough to create videos with data overlays, but instrument-based flight logs can take them to another level

Supported data formats

Dozens of formats and loggers are supported

  • Garmin Flight Instruments (CSV format): G1000, G2000, G300, G5, G3X Touch, G600, G500 TXi, GTN 750...
  • Altimeters and instruments: FlySight, GRT Avionics EFIS, Dynon Avionics...
  • Cameras with embedded data: GoPro, Insta360, DJI drones...
  • Data from Android or iPhone apps (GPX)
  • Standard formats: IGC, GPX, KML, TCX, CSV and more (see manual)

Easy to use
  • Drag-and-drop intuitive interface
  • Customize shapes, colors and sizes
  • Sync external data to camera time automatically in optimal conditions
  • Lots of video tutorials and a helpful community
Map imagery

Add static and moving maps showing your position with different map styles or satellite imagery. Use the default MapBox styles or create your own through MapBox Studio.

Hundreds of gauges

Airspeed indicator, ground speed, altimeter, GPS Path, Heading indicator, Vertical Speed (variometer/rate of climb), Turn Coordinator, Attitude, Battery, Engine RPM, Oil, Temperature and many more custom streams.

Availability depends on imported data.

Import more metrics from your logger and create custom gaugesof any style

Aviation presets

Create an aviation heads-up-display in moments by using one of the presets: Aviation or Skydiving

And copy more gauges and styles from other presets: drone, motorsports, cycling, sailing...

Have more questions? Check out the instructions manual, the tutorials, ask the community, experiment with the Trial version, or get in touch.


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Add flight log data and instruments to aviation videos
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