Telemetry Extractor Premium for GoPro

Thousands of users of the online Telemetry Extractor provided the necessary feeback to create a more advanced tool. One that works offline, enables batch processing, merging the data from consecutive video files and more.

Get it here:

Some of its features:

  • Offline
  • Use it anywhere, no internet needed
  • No data charges
  • Faster on powerful computers
  • 100% privacy
  • Load and process multiple files at once
  • Merge metadata of consecutive files
  • Data smoothing to reduce noise
  • More frequency options
  • Custom settings
  • Windows and MacOS versions (plus Linux if requested)
  • Extract highlight tags and extra data
  • Email support (1 year)
  • Software updates (1 year)
  • No ads

Here's a general tutorial of the software.