Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.8.4


  • Add experimental support for AirData CSV files (DJI, Autel, Parrot...)
  • Add experimental support for Autosport Labs RaceCapture LOG files
  • Add running Pace mini gauge
  • Add Battery % gauge (for AirData)
  • Add Orientation mini gauge (heading, pitch, bank for AirData)
  • Add vehicle Gear gauge (for RaceCapture)
  • Add Engine RPM mini gauge (for RaceCapture)
  • Add margins (zoom out) to GPS Path shape
  • Replace Ticks with a Fill for a sleeker style (semi-transparent background)
  • Add more gauges automatically for some telemetry sources (DJI, Garmin, GPX...)
  • Allow to hide some values and units (Speedometer, Accelerometer, Heart Rate)
  • Expand telemetry data to show entire file, even beyond video (from Trim tab)
  • Add Trims and Expand to more gauges (Distance, all the "vs Time" gauges)
  • Try to sync additional Telemetry sources to the embedded one automatically
  • Try to auto-adjust Sync when importing a time-lapse
  • Give priority to recently loaded Telemetry sources
  • Export settings are now saved in projects
  • Add Offset slider to Sync tab for easier work with long Telemetry sources
  • Allow to Export videos without the original audio
  • Allow to always sort source files alphabetically (from Settings)
  • Fix errors in Insta360 data
  • Fix some crashes in Export
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

In case you missed it, here's a tutorial on how to use Telemetry Overlay with Insta360 and other 360 cameras.

More gauges, supported formats and improvements are coming in 2021. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas!