HERO10 Black Bones with telemetry?

GoPro recently announced a new HERO model, probably the first one many years that wasn't leaked to to social media before its release. As its name implies, the HERO10 Black Bones, is a striped down HERO10 with all the video quality but way fewer extras: no screens, no battery and unfortunately no GPS antenna. Does this mean we can't add telemetry data to its videos? No!

Despite it lacking a GPS antenna, multiple other sensors and data streams are still present: accelerometer, gyroscope, orientation, ISO, shutter speed, white balance…

The little camera is designed for FPV drone flying, which means it will normally be attached to a device that records or transmits its own telemetry data. Telemetry Overlay supports data from multiple drone data systems: OpenTX, ArduPilot, AirData…. And some more are also compatible via GPX and CSV files. The range of possible gauges is almost endless!

Will this be the only drone-releated launch in this season? Probably not ;-).