GoPro GPS not working? - Performance stickers and telemetry FAQ

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This video summarizes some of these tips (disclaimer: the video promotes the Telemetry Overlay software) 

My GoPro video shows no GPS path (performance stickers). Why? 
First, let's make sure you are recording a GPS signal. GPS is only recorded in your videos if you get a GPS signal BEFORE hitting record. You know you have a signal when the GPS icon (a map pin) is white. You will usually only get a reliable signal when the camera is outdoors with an unobstructed view of a clear sky. GoPros rely only on satellites to get a location (as opposed to mobile phones, which use cellular antennas too), so any obstacle around you might hinder the GPS signal and prevent Quik from showing the telemetry overlays. The location of your camera plays a big role too. Over your helmet is better than under your chin, outside the car is better than inside it, and so on. The GPS antenna is next to the record button, so don't mount the camera upside down, if you can.

How can I check that my GPS data was recorded if Quik does not recognize it? 
You can see all the telemetry your camera records with the Telemetry Extractor .

I had a signal before hitting record, but I still don't have GPS gauges. Why? 
GoPro's Quik video editor is not compatible with the GPS data format of the new cameras (Hero 10, Hero 9, Hero 8 and GoPro Max, keep reading for solutions). On both Quik and the mobile GoPro App gauges/stickers are only enabled if they consider the GPS signal to be good enough. To get a better signal, follow the tips on the first question. Some locations and times work better than others (see below). Also, the longer you wait to hit record, even after the GPS icon is on, the better the signal will be, usually.

Is there no way to activate gauges / performance stickers in Quik for videos that do contain GPS data? 
Yes. You can use the GoPro GPS Quick Fix , with both old and new cameras.

How do I know if a location and time are good for recording a GPS signal? 
You can use popular drone apps like UAV Forecast (available in the Apple app store and Google Play) to get an estimate of the number of satellite locks you are likely to get at any location and time of day. An estimate of nine satellite locks or better will give the best results. Unseen environmental factors can interfere with the camera's ability to capture GPS. Examples include Solar Weather (Kp Index), multipath propagation, radio wave interference, and high level cloud cover.

Should I use the QuickCapture feature (power on and record automatically)? 
No. The camera needs time to acquire satellite lock before the recording begins. If the camera does not have at least four satellites locked and giving good location data before recording begins, GPS data will not be captured. Even if the camera does acquire adequate satellite data during the recording, if it does not do so BEFORE the recording begins, it will not be captured. 

Should I use the Media Mod? 
No. Some users have reported that the Media Mod prevents the GPS signal from reaching the camera. By using it, you increase your chances of recording a bad GPS singal.

My camera always gets bad signal, even in wide open spaces 
Some models appear to be more reliable than others (for example, Fusion seems to get very accurate locations whereas Hero 7 can be hit and miss). Some specific units also seem to produce better results than others. If you suspect that your camera GPS might be faulty contact the GoPro Support Team.

The mobile GoPro App (Android/iOS) shows gauges but Quik desktop (Windows/macOS) doesn't! 
New cameras (Hero10, Hero9, Hero8, Max) are not supported in GoPro Quik. You can use the GoPro GPS Quick Fix , to make your videos compatible with Quik, or use alternative software options.

Which cameras contain telemetry? 
All cameras since the Hero 5 contain telemetry. 
Hero 5 Session, Hero 2018 (to be confirmed) and Hero 7 White contain basic data (gyroscope, accelerometer). 
Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, Fusion, Hero 7 Silver, Hero 7 Black, Hero 8, Hero 9, Hero 10 and Max also contain GPS. The newer the camera, the more metadata streams (sensors) it contains. 
The Hero 4 Black can theoretically record metadata into the videos if attached to a Bluetooth metadata device. All the other mentioned cameras should be able to take in external Bluetooth telemetry too, although there is no documentation on how to achieve that.

What other data streams exist? 
New cameras include multiple streams, such as: Exposure time, White balance (Kelvin and RGB), Sensor ISO, Average luminance, Image uniformity, Scene classification, Face coordinates and details (smiles), Predominant hue, Camera orientation, Image orientation, Gravity vector, Wind processing, Microphone is wet, AGC Audio level, Disparity matrix... In some cases tools to use these data easily do not exist yet, but you can convert the data to other formats (CSV, JSON...)

Do edited or processed videos have metadata? 
Generally, no. Some of the GoPro processing software (Fusion Studio) does retain some of the metadata, but it's not something you can rely on.

My performance stickers are showing mph but I need km/h (or vice-versa) 

On Android or iOS, try changing the language or regional settings of your phone to a country/language where the desired units (metric or imperial) apply. On Windows or macOS, the settings tab of Quik lets you change units. Other programs offer more flexibility with units and customization.

My gauges are out of sync

Quik versions after 2.6.0 can produce gauges that are out of sync, often by many seconds. Unfortunately, 2.6.0 is not compatible for cameras after the HERO6. So if you have a HERO5 or 6, you can look for the 2.6.0 version of Quik and use that for your performance stickers. For newer cameras, you can make your video files compatible with 2.6.0 with the GPS Quick Fix app. Third part software options allow you to adjust sync.

I can create a video with performance stickers on mobile, but if I edit it or add music to it, I lose the stickers 

For now if you save a media with a sticker to the App and then select it to make a multi-clip edit, it will not have the sticker. You have to first SAVE TO PHONE, then import it from there for the sticker to be displayed.

Do 360ยบ videos (Fusion, Max) contain telemetry?

Yes, they all do, but in some cases the processing/stitching software might interfere with your ability to use them. With third party software options you can add telemetry overlays to stitched/reframed 360 videos, by reading the data from the original file.

I want to use the metadata in different ways 
Here's a list of resources that will allow you to use the data in other apps (After Effects, Virb Edit, Google Earth...), do racing related stuff with them, or even code your own custom software: GoPro telemetry resources.

I need inspiration. What have people done with telemetry so far? 
Here's a playlist with some examples, but there are many more things you can come up with! GoPro telemetry, metadata and sensors.

Edit 2022: See this gallery and this YouTube channel.

I have more questions 
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