New GoPro features. Mavic Air 2. Where's Quik?

The action camera and drone space is starting to move quickly as confinement measures are becoming more relaxed. Here are some of the news I thought you might be interested in.

The new Mavic Air 2 DOES record telemetry

People have been speaking wonders about the new Mavic Air 2, but every time a new DJI drone is released, some of us hold our breath. Will it have SRT (video captions) telemetry? The previous iteration of the Mavic Air did not record GPS positions, but the new one does! Sample rates are better than in other models (on par with the Mavic 2 Pro). Location precision has some issues in the current firmware but you can get good results by applying some smoothing to it. If you are lucky enough to own one, go ahead and play with its telemetry here.

Experimental HERO8 features

GoPro just released GoPro Labs, a new experimental firmware for the HERO8 that enables some long-awaited features (and many unexpected ones). Once the new firmware is installed, you enable each feature by pointing the camera to a QR code. These are some of the cool things you can do.

  • Add owner contact details
  • Burn basic telemetry on videos and streams
  • Record on motion or speed detection
  • Set the same time and settings on multiple cameras
  • Record longer video files (with limitations)

The firmware also improves ReelSteady Go integration, after the startup was acquired by GoPro.

Where did Quik go?

The GoPro Quik software was recently moved from the main software section of the GoPro site. If you are looking for it, it's here. However, those that have been paying attention will know that previous versions are more reliable when it comes to synchronizing telemetry. You can find links to those versions here, alongside the GPS Quick Fix that will help enable gauges in HERO8 and Max footage.

There are rumors of a new GoPro software (called Mural) coming out, but we still don't know which platforms and cameras it will cover. It could be the Windows software for the Max, or maybe an all-purpose video editor. Until we find out, you can create custom telemetry overlays by converting your data with the Telemetry Extractor and importing it in After Effects, Virb Edit, or Dashware.