Telemetry Overlay. New user-friendly tool!

Telemetry Overlay

The new software for easy video metrics with GPS and sensor data has arrived. It's intuitive, customizable and widely compatible.

Here's the app and all the info.

Wide compatibility

Telemetry Overlay can read telemetry data from GoPro cameras, DJI drones, Insta360 cameras, Garmin devices and GPS trackers (via GPX files). The list grows over time.

Windows and macOS versions are available. (Update, a Linux version is available now too)

Getting started with DJI drone footage is easy. Just enable "Video Subtitles" in your app's camera controls.

Beginner & Professional friendly

You don't need to be an expert to create an overlay. Just drop your video with telemetry on the app and it will do the work. But customizing everything is easy too: drag gauges around, change colors, fonts, sizes, styles or add different ones.

If you edit videos professionally, you can import a color corrected video and its data separately, or you can export the project with a transparent (alpha) background to finish your work in a video editor of your choice.

Dive in the advanced settings with this tutorial on syncing external data sources, trimming the project and the duration of gauges, reusing your work in other projects...

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