Telemetry Overlay tutorials

Since Telemetry Overlay was launched, hundreds of users have provided their feedback and hundreds of new features have been added. An update on the recommended workflows and use cases of Telemetry Overlay was long overdue. In addition to the new overview, here are tutorials and sample footage for some of the favourite activities.

The new aviation instrument gauges can port the flying experience to your screen. A GoPro or Insta360 camera with good GPS data can be enough, but importing compatible Garmin (G1000, G300, G5, G3X Touch), IGC or GPX flight logs is a great option for training and analysis purposes.

Find more information and aviation examples here.

Karting, motorcycling, rallies and other auto racing sports have always been a fertile field for data overlays. Take your design a step further with new gauges and presets. Supported trackers include AiM, Alfano, RaceCapture, VBOX, StarLane...

More information and motorsports examples here.

The drone community can benefit from data visualization synced with video, not only with DJI drones but also models from Autel, Yuneec, Parrot, ArduPilot, external data formats like GPX and more. This is actively being used for flight analysis, fire fighting, surveillance, inspection, engineering, rescue operations...

Find more information and drone examples here.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are also addressed in the following tutorials.

Exporting videos faster without losing quality is key for a professional workflow. Transparent video exports are a great option when using standard video editing software.

In many cases, external data is synced automatically to the video. If it is not, here are a bunch of useful syncing strategies.

From drawing a GPS path where altitude or speed are represented with colors, to creating custom map styles with complex KML layers. Learn to work with video and geospatial data.

Are you surprised to learn that both Telemetry Extractor and Telemetry Overlay are used for accident analysis and reconstruction? This turns GoPro cameras into a cost effective alternative to other professional systems.

More resources for accident reconstruction here.

The footage for these tutorials was contributed by users, including Ok Routes, HHS Racing, Chad Bellay, Hans Ryrstedt, Michael Strother, JoeFly, Skyliner B, Stian Volstad, Joe Bennett, Two Wheel Videos, Janne Laakso, Aaron Vogel, Dronic FPV, Jeremy and C. Gregory Russell​.