Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.5.3


  • Improve playback when skipping optimization
  • Easy full 360 mode: Tutorial | Demo
  • Improve GPS time accuracy on GoPro HERO11
  • Add round map shapes (GPS Path & Dynamic Map)
  • Add support for future GoPro cameras
  • Improve LTC support
  • Improve support of complex GPX files
  • Improve RaceBox and Dynon support
  • Add dark mode setting
  • Read extra streams from GoPro (varies per model): GPS Accuracy, internal temperature, magnetometer, audio levels, wet microphone, wind processing, luminosity, RGB gains, scene classification
  • Add Local Text date option to display the Time & Date gauge in the computer language
  • Setting to use system resources instead of built-in ones (to use newer/custom versions or to avoid installing Rosetta on Apple Silicon)
  • Other small fixes and performance improvements
  • And an easter egg ;-)