Telemetry Overlay updated to 0.6.0


  • Add 14 minimal gauges with icon, title and values
  • Allow to change project fonts
  • Allow to save patterns (gauge and project visual structure) and reuse them in other projects
  • Add buttons to move frame by frame and to go to In and Out points
  • Add keyboard shortcuts (check help section)
  • Add "Fade in" and "Fade out" options to custom titles and images
  • Allow variable playback speeds
  • Add "Hide gauge" and "Reset gauge" buttons
  • Add title and action safe margins
  • Enable ProRes 4444 exports
  • Support GoPro Max .360 files
  • Add and improve telemetry sync options
  • Improve error reporting
  • Performance improvements, visual tweaks and bug fixes
  • Improve documentation

Some of the new features and improvements are documented in this tutorial