Telemetry Extractor, version 2!

Telemetry Extractor v2 has just been released!! A completely new software built from scratch, with many more features than its predecessor.

See a comprehensive tutorial here.

4 years of user feedback and lots of learnings from the sister software Telemetry Overlay have converged into a set of new features:

  • Support for more than just GoPro cameras: Insta360, DJI Drones (SRT), DJI Action 4, INNOV, Sony, GPX files, Parrot, multiple dashcams...
  • Integrated video player synced with the data visualization
  • Interactive map: click on a map point to view that moment in the video
  • Interactive customizable graphs
  • Statistics tables (min, max, average for each stream)
  • Multiple new streams computed from the raw data (slope, pitch, roll, bearing, acceleration...)
  • Adobe After Effects template included, with more gauges and improved performance
  • User-defined extraction Presets
  • Extraction Queue and Batch Loader included
  • Exporting multiple streams to the same file
  • Custom map styles (with MapBox)
  • Lots of map options: designs, languages, terrain, path color based on data...
  • Video player can show 360 video natively (equirectangular and some more projections)
  • GoPro highlight tags in maps and charts
  • Extracting static metadata from video files (camera settings & more)
  • Generating terrain altitude along a path (requires Google Maps API key)
  • Updated interpolation and smoothing options
  • User-friendly UI (although more complex than previous versions, given the number of features)
  • Low RAM mode (experimental) for working with a very large number of files
  • Windows, Apple Silicon, Apple Intel, and Linux versions available


You can find the new Telemetry Extractor here.