Virb Edit API maps JavaScript error solution and alternative

Recently users of Garmin's software Virb Edit for data overlays noticed maps were no longer available for syncing the data. An error like this showed up instead:

You are using an incompatible browser with API maps JavaScript. Try to use another browser.

Unfortunately, Virb Edit was discontinued years ago, and while it has been really useful for video creators, a number of issues make it less convenient than it used to be:


  • Incompatible with high-frequency GPS data (higher than 1 second)
  • Does not support recent GPS-enabled cameras like GoPro, Insta360, DJI drones…
  • Does not have map or satellite imagery
  • Does not fully support certain video formats, especially modern ones
  • And now it does not allow syncing data by loading a map interface


The latter point seems to be caused by Virb Edit relying on the Microsoft Internet Explorer for loading maps. With both software packages (Virb Edit and Explorer) being “end of life”, an official fix seems unlikely, but scroll down for a a workaround.

Looking for an alternative?

Telemetry Overlay does what Virb Edit used to do but supports a myriad of modern data formats and devices, including GoPro, Insta360, DJI, Garmin (both FIT files and CSV files from aviation instruments), GPX files from endless data loggers, and many more.

You can experiment with the Trial version, or go straight to the Full version to enjoy all the features. An active community will welcome your questions and your videos, but there is also a wide range of tutorials and useful information. For example, if you want to synchronize the data to the video (precisely what just broke in Virb Edit)  here are multiple strategies:

The (old) workaround

Note: In 2023 a new bug appeared and this workaround is no longer fixing it.

Users at the Garmin forum found out that changing the Windows registry can bring back the map functionality of Virb Edit. If you are not scared of editing the registry, go ahead and follow the instructions here.


In 2023 a new bug appeared and the workaround found above seems to no longer fix it. The error states:

Line: 0 
Caracter: 0 
Error: Script Error. 
Code: 0