Telemetry Overlay updated to 1.0.13


  • New gauges: Lap Timer, Lean Angle (for 2 wheel vehicles), Altitude vs Distance, GPS Path with Compass, Dynamic Text (from a CSV column), Acceleration GPS (redesigned), Lateral Acceleration, Longitudinal Acceleration, Pitch Angle, Attitude Estimate, Brake (for AiM)
  • New supported formats: AiM/Mychron CSV, KML, Mind Monitor CSV, CAMM, Litchi CSV
  • New Custom Gauges (choose style and data)
  • Setting to import "Extra streams" (any column/stream from CSV and other formats)
  • Support Custom CSV format (see instructions manual)
  • Experimental hardware encoding (slightly faster exports) for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Mac
  • Setting to always load a custom Pattern
  • Show speed/altitude as color gradient in GPS Path
  • Read fitness data from GPX (Cadence, Heart Rate...)
  • New units for Time & Date, Distance, Coordinates
  • Read relative orientation from recent GoPro models
  • Option to use GPU when optimizing footage
  • Associate Project files
  • Allow to add border to texts from Project
  • Improve instructions manual
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes

Here are some examples of the recent features in action.

Duke Adi shows off his lean angles and lap times in the circuit.

GPS Path with Compass surveyance, demostrated by Mike Smith.

Aaron Vogel puts RaceCapture's data to the test: RPM, gear, temperatures & pressures, recorded lap times...