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Custom CSV support within the Telemetry Overlay software

You can create custom CSV files with any columns you need. Columns must be separated by commas. Numbers must use a dot as the decimal point and no separator for thousands.

The first row contains the headers and requires at least utc (ms) (unix time in milliseconds) OR date (date-time text formatted as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ) OR time (ms) (video time in milliseconds) OR time (s) (video time in seconds).

Some columns and groups of columns are supported and will allow dedicated gauges. Headers of these columns must be named exactly as highlighted.

Other columns will be read as either numeric values (for Custom gauges) or text values (for the Dynamic Text gauge). Text columns should not contain commas.

Third-party tools may create or convert data files from multiple sources to this format. For example, PZracing converter does this for PRR motorsports racing logs.

Supported gauges in Telemetry Overlay

Speedometer, GPS Path, Accelerometer, Altitude, Distance, Slope, Dynamic Map, Gyroscope, Bearing, Acceleration (GPS), Time & Date, Lap Timer, Pace, Vertical Speed, Elevation Gain, Dashboard, Coordinates, Altitude vs Distance, Orientation, Heading, Gear, Engine RPM, Lean Angle, Lean Angle (2 wheel), Airspeed, Altimeter, Attitude Indicator, Heading Indicator, Turn Coordinator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Pitch Angle, Longitudinal Acceleration (GPS), Acceleration (speed-based), Lateral Acceleration (GPS), Zero to Speed, Distance Timer, Attitude Estimate, GPS Path + Compass, Distance Home, Sector Times, Corner Speeds, Custom, Dynamic Text, Static Title, Static Image, Export GPX, Watermark and Additional streams.

Availability may vary between devices and recording conditions.

CSV files from Telemetry Extractor v2.0 and newer are also well supported. CSV files from previous versions of Telemetry Extractor may need manual tweaking.

Each header should contain the name of the stream and the units (if available). For example power (W).

  • GPS: lat (deg), lon (deg), alt (m) (optional), speed (m/s) (optional)
  • Orientation: heading (deg), pitch angle (deg), bank (deg)
  • Accelerometer: accel x (m/s²), accel y (m/s²), accel z (m/s²)
  • Gyroscope: gyro x (deg/s), gyro y (deg/s), gyro z (deg/s)
  • gear
  • engine (rpm)
  • Airspeed: ias (kn), tas (kn)
  • vertical speed (ft/min)
  • Altimeter: barometric altitude (ft), msl altitude (ft), barometer setting (inHg)
  • Turn Coordinator: turn rate (deg/s), slip skid
  • Thumbsticks: rc throttle, rc rudder, rc elevator, rc aileron

You can force a column to be interpreted as text by using (text) as units in the header. This can be useful to preserve a certain number formatting.

time (ms) lat (deg) lon (deg) alt (m) custom 1 (unit) custom 2 (text)
0 41.91438947 1.685143395 100 42 Sentence A
100 41.91438948 1.685143396 101 43 Sentence B
200 41.91438949 1.685143397 102 44 00001

Telemetry Overlay supports most video formats and dozens of embedded and external data formats.

Gauges can be customized to a great extent, but presets and defaults can make the user experience extremely easy.

Map and satellite imagery is available for representing GPS data.

Export formats for both professional and social use are available.

Lots of documentation, tutorials and an active community help achieve great results.

Have more questions? Check out the instructions manual, the tutorials, ask the community, experiment with the Trial version, or get in touch.

Easy software for custom video dashboards

Telemetry Overlay

Finally! An easy all-in-one way to create a heads-up display for your action videos and drone footage. Compatible with multiple camera brands and data formats, including GoPro, DJI (drones and Action 4), Insta360, Garmin, GPX and many more. Merge consecutive videos with GPS data, sync telemetry from multiple sources, customize your gauges and much more.

GPS and metrics for GoPro, DJI, Insta360, Garmin, GPX...

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